Domestic Pool Renovations

Transforming your ugly duckling into WOW

The Mad team have extensive experience in pool renovations. We will make repairs and modifications to your existing setup, as well as renovate your pool, copings and surrounding area to give the entire space a fresh new look. Considering putting your property up for sale but the pool is looking a bit tired and neglected? Renovating the pool area will give your property the WOW factor.

Pebble Pool Renovations

BEFORE: Battery Hill
This original rollover pebble pool with a waterfall was in need of some major overhauling.
AFTER: Battery Hill
The waterfall was dismantled and a new granite coping was laid and new pebble interior along with a ceramic water line tile finished an amazing transformation.
BEFORE: Bokarina
The coping and nosing tiles on this marble pool were in excellent condition and nothing that a bit of clean would bring back.
AFTER: Bokarina
The interior however being marble was wearing down so a new interior was installed.
BEFORE: Buderim
This charmer was definitely in need of some loving care.
AFTER: Buderim
The coping and water line tiles were removed and new sandstone coping installed. The owners were quite happy not to have the waterline tiles replaced and opted to have the pebble come straight up and meet the new coping.
BEFORE: Buderim
The ambiance in the area was to die for however the murky green water and dated slate was definitely not providing the oasis that the owners of this property wanted.
AFTER: Buderim
The entire surface was jack hammered off along with the slate. The new dark pebble interior now installed lets the area flow together so naturally.
BEFORE: Currimundi
Quite a large marble pool which throughout the years had worn through to concrete was fully jack hammered off along with the coping.
AFTER: Currimundi
A new granite coping was laid and pebble interior to finish off the transformation.
BEFORE: Maroochydore
Fading tiles, pebble coping and marble interior – all were in need of replacing.
AFTER: Maroochydore
Honed sandstone coping was added the customers did not want the waterline tiles replaced therefore the White pebble came up to meet the coping.
BEFORE: Tinbeerwah
This was a massive job for the boys to complete.
AFTER: Tinbeerwah
The owners loved the concept of the rollover and wanted to keep the look but to have a finer pebble and a more appealing colour. I think you would agree our boys did a fantastic job and the finished product wow.
BEFORE: Wurtulla renovation
The owners wanted to update their pool.
AFTER: Wurtulla renovation
New Sandstone coping was added along with surrounds. The existing water line tile band was kept which blended well with the new pebble interior.
BEFORE: Aroona renovation
The owners of this very sturdy 20 year old plus pool just wanted change.
AFTER: Aroona renovation
The rollover coping was replaced with new Sandstone coping and lighter pebble interior to brighten up a very shady area.
BEFORE: Buderim Pool Renovation
Robyn and Zed's pool was lovely pond for frogs but not fit for swimming.
AFTER: Buderim Pool Renovation
New paver top was put on with a tile band and new champagne interior, what a transformation! SPASA Gold Medal winner <$25,000 category
BEFORE: Currimundi Pool Renovation
Rod was happy to keep the water line tile band and coping top however the interior was in need of updating.
AFTER: Currimundi Pool Renovation
The old interior was jack hammered to remove entirely and new Mad Blue pebble in.
BEFORE: Chevallum Pool Renovation
This pool at Chevallum was a fully tiled besser block pool.
AFTER: Chevallum Pool Renovation
All tiles were jack hammered off, a prep coat applied and new Salt and Pepper pebble applied.
BEFORE: Warana Pool Renovation
Mark and Lucy were adamant they wanted to replace their old vinyl liner pool with a concrete pebble pool.
AFTER: Warana Pool Renovation
A new shell was sprayed into the existing panel pool, new bench and steps added along with new paver coping and Champagne pebble.
BEFORE: Glenfields Pool Renovation
Original marble pool, the Mad team jack hammered the old marble and tile band and original paver coping off to bring it back to the original concrete shell.
AFTER: Glenfields Pool Renovation
New paver coping was laid and new Mad Blue interior... you would not believe it was the same pool.
BEFORE: Woombye pool restoration
What a total transformation for this original pebble pool.
AFTER: Woombye pool restoration
With new coping, new deck, rock water line and new Blue Ice pebble interior you would not believe it is the same pool.
BEFORE: Minyama pool revamp
A full jack hammer on the old marble interior was required to bring this old pool back to its former glory.
AFTER: Minyama pool revamp
The original water line tiles blend in perfectly with the new Blue Ice Pebble.
BEFORE: Noosa renovation
Before the renovation.
AFTER: Noosa renovation
The original tiles which are still in fashion were salvaged. The old interior was removed and replaced with a new pebble interior.
BEFORE: Coes Creek
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Coes Creek
New paver coping, new waterline tiles and new designer interior have made this job a real winner and the owners cannot be happier with the finished job. SPASA Gold medal winner.
BEFORE: Buderim
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Buderim
New Travertine coping and Salt & Pepper interior.
BEFORE: Kiels Mountain
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Kiels Mountain
New Travertine coping and Blue Ice pebble interior.
BEFORE: Tinbeerwah
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Tinbeerwah
New Noosa Shore coping and Blue Ice pebble interior.
BEFORE: Bokarina
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Bokarina
New Ash Marblano coping and Salt & Pepper interior.

Aquasheen Renovations

BEFORE: Warana
The family was expanding for these customers. The old painted pool just had to be upgraded.
AFTER: Warana
New Himalayan Sandstone replaced the original PGH, Anthracite waterline tiles added – a new bench was added for the expanding family and the interior was our own Aquasheen.
BEFORE: Wurtulla
Original marble and dated coping were in need of replacement for these customers.
AFTER: Wurtulla
Sandstone coping was laid and Aquasheen interior.

Glass Interior Renovations

BEFORE: Mooloolaba
The owners were renovating everything on their property house and pool was needed to have the wow factor.
AFTER: Mooloolaba
I think you will agree that is certainly true, our customers supplied the tiles and coping tiles of their choice and together with the Jewels 4 Pools interior spectacular.
BEFORE: Maleny Renovation
When the Mad team arrived at Dean and Kelly's home they were confronted by a pool which had been increased in size and an absent pool builder.
AFTER: Maleny Renovation
The Mad team took on the challenge with ensuring their pool would be finished, and I think you would agree with the new Jewels 4 Pools interior and coping 'stunning' is the word.

Exotic Range Renovations

BEFORE: Glenview
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Glenview
New Mushroom Granite to coping, Travertine Sands to walkways, and Exotic Range 'Santorini' interior.
Before the swimming pool renovation.
AFTER: Noosa
New Hamtpon Style coping, new Azure Blue & Luna waterline tiles, and Exotic Range Maldives interior.

Pool Liner Renovations

BEFORE: Denning
Original pool.
AFTER: Denning
New pool liner installed.
BEFORE: McMullen
Original old pool.
AFTER: McMullen
New pool liner installed.
BEFORE: Lister
Original old pool.
AFTER: Lister
New 'Pacific' pool liner installed.
Original old pool.
AFTER: Whyat
New 'Bahamas' pool liner installed.
BEFORE: Desmond
Original old pool.
AFTER: Desmond
New 'Panama' pool liner installed.
BEFORE: Erbacher
Original old pool.
AFTER: Erbacher
New 'Maui' pool liner installed.


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